It is vital that you feed your lawn at least twice per year to ensure that it looks its’ best, it is after all, a living product!

Fertiliser can be applied to the soil before laying your turf to ensure the turf has the best start possible in its new home.

Your lawn should thereafter be fertilised around April and again in September. The amount of fertiliser applied will depend upon the product used, never overfeed your lawn as this can damage or even kill your lawn. Always use the recommended dose.

We can offer a range of granular fertiliser. If you are unsure what is the best type for your soil, using a PH testing kit can be useful in establishing if your lawn lacks any nutrients.

Feed/Weed/Moss Killer - 3.5kgs bottle
Feed/Weed/Moss Killer - 25kgs bag
20/10/10 Fertiliser - 3 kgs tub – Application rate 20g/m2
15/5/20 + MgO Fertiliser - 25 kgs bag