How to prepare the soil for your turf delivery?

Ideally you should have a minimum of 6” or 15cm of good quality topsoil on which to lay your turf.
Remove as many of the stones as possible.
Apply a good quality fertiliser
Rake the soil in order to create a smooth level area on which to lay your lawn
Water your lawn the day before delivery of your turf to ensure the soil is moist

Laying Turf

Turf can be laid all year round depending upon weather conditions.

When you order your turf, remember to allow 5% extra for wastage or cutting. Turf should be laid immediately throughout the warmer Spring and Summer months, and within 24 hours in the cooler months.

When laying turf, start along a straight edge, butting the edges together. On the following rows, ensure that you stagger the joints as you would do when laying bricks.

Use wooden boards to work on once you have started to lay the turf, in order to avoid walking on the newly laid turf. Ensure that your turf has good contact with the soil by pushing it down gently.


Newly laid turf must be watered immediately in the warmer months, and it must be kept well watered for at least the first two weeks and thereafter depending upon weather conditions.