Turf Range

We locally produce amenity turf which can be used for a range of requirements, take a look below at the products we have available, however please don't hesitate to call use if you are unsure of the product required for your needs.  All our turf is unnetted and all the grasses used in our turf are top quality STRI* rated.

Platinum Turf - Ideal for front and back lawns, golf tees and fairways.  This is a ryegrass mix and our most popular choice as it not only looks great but is also hardwearing!

Fescue Turf - Ideal for those looking for an ornamental lawn, however for best results, a cylinder mower should be used for mowing this type of lawn. 

Greens Turf - Best for Golf & Bowling Greens 

Don Valley prides itself on quality and service, hence we harvest on a daily basis in order to offer you the freshest turf possible.

*STRI = Sports Turf Research Institute

Turf HarvesterTurf Harvester in action