Lawn Care Service

Our aim is to take the hassle out of lawn care and leave you with a healthy looking lawn!


What is our Lawn Care Service?                                                                             


Scarification will remove thatch that can build up in your lawn, thatch simply being a combination of dead grass cuttings, weeds, leaves etc.  The removal of thatch is very important to the general health of the grass and will allow the grass roots to retain more moisture and nutrients.

Scarifying is sometimes essential before a fertiliser programme can be commenced in order that your lawn can retain as much goodness as possible from the fertiliser.


Aeriation allows the soil to breath, reducing compaction and improving drainage on the surface.  This will also help to allow nutrients reach the root system.


There are many reasons for moss to appear in your lawn.  Moss itself is not the reason for a poor looking lawn, but it is the result of other problems within the grass.  The are several reasons including:


Our fertiliser applications will be tailored to the needs of your lawn, however generally our programme will include four/five visits per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

          Measure your lawn, identify weed types, check the PH of the soil and analyse compaction, moss and thatch levels.

          Prices start from £29.95 per visit including VAT.  We will quote according to the square metre size of your lawn for each treatment required.

          No, we will carry out one treatment at a time which can be paid by switch or credit card.  After each treatment we will advise you of the approximate date of our next visit and if you do not wish to receive any further treatments, simply call or e-mail to let us know.

         No, there is no need for the customer to be at home, so long as any gates have been left unlocked to gain access.

          Allow 2-3 days for the herbicides to take effect and to avoid your mower collecting the fertiliser.




Common Lawn Problems


           Daisy                                   Lichen & Algae



     Moss                                Dandelion